Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Full Court Press for Abortion Doctor's Murder

But Heaven forfend that the same Justice Department investigate the cold blooded, pre-meditated murder of a young soldier, in broad daylight, in middle America, by a nutjob turned mooslim jihadist "freedom fighter". No mooslims in the woodpile, but you know those pro-life nutjobs are everywhere and they have to be stopped.

Do I detect a double-standard here or is it just my cynical nature? You think they might be on a fishing expedition?

Pro-life 'smear' suspected in DOJ's Tiller inquiry

One pro-life leader is questioning the motive behind the Justice Department's announcement of a probe to determine if others were involved in the murder of abortionist George Tiller.

Late Friday afternoon, the DOJ made it clear that it believes other individuals or groups may have been involved in Tiller's shooting on Sunday, May 31. The agency's press release stated it will "work tirelessly to determine the full involvement of any and all actors in this horrible crime, and to ensure that anyone who played a role in the offense is prosecuted to the full extent of federal law." (See earlier story)

Is it a legitimate investigation -- or a political payoff from the Obama administration to the pro-abortion movement? Wendy Wright, president of Concerned Women for America, believes politics could be a motive. But she suspects there may be more behind the announced investigation than meets the eye. "This may be more of a nefarious effort than it appears on its face," she exclaims, "that in fact, the Department of Justice may be trying to smear pro-lifers, as if we all belong in the same camp, as if we all advocate violence, when it's [actually] just the opposite."

Naw, no double-standard here.

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