Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Congress Lacks the Constitutional Authority

to force free Americans to purchase anything they don't want, and the Constitution specifically prohibits Congress from puntitive retribution on those who choose not to.

The Constitution does not give Congress the auhority to impose healthcare mandates on free citizens or the power to punish those who do not comply by imposing fees or fines.

But since they've never a let a little thing like the Constitution stand in the way of their marxist engineering or socialist agenda, and its never stopped them before, it's time to let them know we're not going to stand for an imperialist regime imposing their mandates and ignoring the Supreme Law of the Land.

If The Chosen One, may peace be upon him, and his band of useful idiots in Congress wants to force me to buy coverage I don't want, or penalizes me for not buying it, or taxes my current benefits and does not allow for a full deduction of the associated costs, I will cancel my current healthcare policy and stand in my front yard and wait for the brownshirts from ACORN or the Civilian Defense Force to come get me.

Thats when maximum fun begins.

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