Monday, August 14, 2006

Augusta Co. Dems Insult Fallen Warrior & His Mom

More on the story first broken by RightsideVA.
UCV's previous report here.

Jason Redifer was only 19 years old when he was killed in Iraq on January 31, 2005. He gave his life blood for our country. The old fool who flicked his finger across the cover photo of Jason's flag-draped coffin scornfully dismissing a young Marine's life as if it were nothing is beneath contempt as are the other representatives of the Augusta Co. Democrat Party who were rude and insulting to Mrs. Winfield when she told them what had happened.

After enduring the insults to her son's memory Rhonda Winfield approached the Augusta County Democrat table to let them know their Webb campaigner had crossed the line. She assumed they would not condone such behaviour. However, the people at the table rudely dismissed her saying, among other things, that she was harrassing them.

Mrs. Winfield's husband observed this from a nearby booth and after she walked away he saw and heard the democrats laughing and celebrating the fact that their Webb guy got "them" all upset.

Rhonda Winfield is a strong lady. She lives with the knowledge her son was blown in half by a terrorist's IED. She never had the chance to look at her child's face one last time before they buried him. She understands that because she opened her heart and soul and wrote a book she will be a target for unhinged leftists but she never dreamed they would attack her son.

Just another reason I am and will continue to be:



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