Sunday, August 13, 2006

Fallen Marine Mocked by Webb Campaign Worker

Un-freakin'-believable. I read a post this morning on RightsideVA and didn't want to believe it but from personal experience knew it was possible.

Excerpt from the post at RightsideVA: The Democrat representative then stated "Jim Webb is more of a man then this man [Jason Redifer] ever was" and placed a copy of the Webb literature on top of the book she was holding. I was standing next to Rhonda during this entire conversation and have confirmed this quote with her and know that there was a third person at the table who heard this exchange.... The Democrat Representative was then asked to leave the table at which time he moved away from the table.

Rhonda Winfield, mother of fallen Marine LCpl. Jason Redifer, was in Richmond today. I was able to get into town and she kindly consented to talk to me about the incident which she confirmed. I'm going to post about that later this evening but would like to clarify one thing:

I asked Mrs. Winfield if there was anyway the democrat worker could have been referring to Senator Allen instead of her son. She emphatically said no.
Senator Allen's name only came up once in the "conversation". She had explained to him that the book was written by her about her son. He flicked the book cover with his finger two different times both times referring to "this man" (her son)and insulted him.

More to come...


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