Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Deliberate and Planned Destruction of Our Economy

The numbers prove it: Democrats have destroyed our economy since taking control of Congress

A new report from Americans for Limited Government (ALG) clearly shows that the Democrats have destroyed our economy since they took control of our lives in January of 2007.

The most eye catching of ALG’s data items is the sad comparison of the rate of 4.6% unemployment at the start of 2007 and today’s alarming 9.7%. In real terms this means while there were about 7 million unemployed workers when the Democrats took over, today that number has more than doubled to 14.8 million out of work Americans.

At the rate they are going these swollen and devastating numbers will be with us as far as the eye can see, even by the Democrats’ own admission. The Democrats attempt to tell us to shut up because “this is the new state of the national economy” makes it even more important that we roll up our sleeves to fight for our freedoms.

The length of time Americans are unemployed has spiraled upward with a dizzying speed. In the month of January 2007 the average unemployment recipient had been on the rolls for 16.2 weeks. Today that too has all but doubled to 30.2 weeks with no end in sight.

In January 2007, when the Democrats took the reigns of government, America actually had a monthly surplus of $38.2 billion, as per data available from the Treasury Department. At the start of January this year, just three years later we sagged under the weight of a $46.6 billion monthly deficit.

More than this, when the Bush Administration combined with a Republican controlled Congress turned in a monthly surplus in January 2007 it was an increase of $21 billion over January 2006. During the final year of the last GOP controlled Congress, Treasury receipts increased “13% year-over-year to a record $260.6 billion.”

Deliberate and calculated destruction of a system that has produced more millionaires than any other in recorded history.

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