Sunday, March 22, 2009

From A Conservative to Mr Cantor

I'v been busy the past two days so I haven't really had time to formulate a response to the most breathtaking subversion of our Constitution I've ever seen. I heard about the vote to tax the retention bonuses AIG was contractually obligated to pay 71 employees on Thursday evening and my first thought was: "Damn I hope Congressman Cantor didn't vote for this monstrous violation of the takings clause." I knew it was the dhimmicrats just doing what they do best: ignoring the will of the people, ignoring the Constitution, and covering their slimy asses. I've said repeatedly here and on other forums, the dhimmis are in charge, they can do whatever they like whenever they like.

On Friday morning I was listening to WRVA and Jimmy Barrett and I heard Cantor try to justify his vote to single out 71 American citizens for puntitive retribution.

Well, that dog don't hunt. So, with the help of friends over at FreeRepublic, I can post a response to this idiotic, anti-American, anti-Constitutional, Marxist tactic:

Dear Mr. Cantor-
I just heard that you voted to tax the AIG bonuses. I am stunned that you would vote for a bill that targets specific individuals who did not commit any crime! Like it or not those bonuses were rightfully earned and rightfully paid. The ramifications of this bill are so stunning that I am speechless. What on earth were you thinking? I just cannot believe it.
I used to think you had conservative values and beliefs. I don’t think that anymore. You seem to be drinking the Obama/Pelosi/Reid Kool Aid.
I am disgusted. Don’t count on my vote in the future. You sold this country down the socialist/fascist river with that vote.

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