Sunday, June 01, 2014

Cantor Needs To Go

Once thought of as a new type of successful conservative politician, 
 RedState has been instrumental in spreading  the truth about Eric Cantor.

 Eric Cantor has proven himself to be just another lying politician. 
It is now safe to say that Eric Cantor wins the award for the most dishonest campaign of the election cycle.  And given the fact that every establishment candidate has run a campaign based on distorting their own record or issue positions, that is saying a lot.
After sending out a series of shockingly dishonest mailers and appallingly deceitful TV ads, Cantor blasted out an email last week accusing his primary opponent, Dave Brat, of having the support of “a liberal pro-amnesty group.”
You literally can’t make this stuff up.

It is now time for Eric Cantor to prove his bonafides.  

If he is really to the right of Dave Brat on the issue, he should put his mouth where his money is and pledge not to bring any amnesty bill to the floor as Majority Leader or Speaker.  We can end the games right now. 


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