Friday, September 20, 2013

An Awkward Day to Be Terry McAuliffe -

An Awkward Day to Be Terry McAuliffe -
Cuccinelli has been quick to pounce on the tension in McAuliffe's position. "I find it remarkable and irresponsible that during a time of prolonged economic uncertainty, the president of the United States is proposing a policy that will crush Virginia jobs and hike energy prices for businesses, families, and workers," Cuccinelli wrote in a statement moments after Obama's new regulations were announced. "The needs of our job creators and families are much more important than special-interest groups and radical environmentalists. It's disappointing that the president and Terry McAuliffe either don't understand that or don't seem to care."
I don't find it at all surprising that Dear Leader would do anything to hurt Americans. That's been his prime directive since getting immaculated for a second reign.


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