Friday, June 14, 2013

IRS: Internal Revenge Service

IRS: Internal Revenge Service
Now that we know our government unfairly, and perhaps illegally, targeted American citizens, the next logical question is: why?

Here are the facts: the IRS targeted political opponents of the current administration, while repeatedly giving an easy ride to friends of the current administration – going so far as to retroactively approve a so-called charity which was run by the President’s brother, which just happened to be named after the President’s father.

This kind of thuggery and nepotism is usually only found in basket-case countries like North Korea, not in the United States. And yet, over the past few weeks, we have seen example after example of President Obama’s political friends and insiders getting fast-tracked by the IRS, while those of us who dare call ourselves “Patriots” were taken to the woodshed by the powerful tax agency.

So the question remains: was the IRS used to exact vengeance against American patriots who dared to oppose the current occupants of the White House and its signature legislation, Obamacare? And, if so, why?


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