Monday, June 10, 2013

Elementary School Hosts Toy Gun Buyback

Elementary School Hosts Toy Gun Buyback

You can't make this shiite up. If ever there was a time when an adult was needed, this is it.
How stupid/crazy/irrational do you have to be to come up with an idea like this? Apparently, very stupid, very crazy and very irrational.

In this person's world, a kid who plays with a water gun, cap pistol, or Nerf gun at 8 years old, will pick up a real gun and kill someone later in life. Words escape me. I have no reasoned or rational response to this. My only thought is: Are you efffing crazy? Have you lost your mind? Are you on medication? Are you tripping? Where did you get this thought? What were you doing when it came to you?
The unprecedented overreach of public school administrators regarding the issue of guns continues at breakneck speed. Regardless of context, children now regularly face draconian punishment for even mentioning the word.

If rational thought ever again prevails in America, we might look back to one event signaling the point this leftist movement jumped the shark: an elementary school’s toy gun buyback program.

Charles Hill, principal of Strobridge Elementary School in California, organized the “Safety Day” event and offers students books and a chance to win one of four new bikes as incentives to bring in their water guns and other toys he said make it “easier for them to use a real gun.”


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