Saturday, June 22, 2013

Bostonmaggie: Stumbling Upon A Great Group - Warrior Hike

Bostonmaggie: Stumbling Upon A Great Group - Warrior Hike

The lady looked vaugely familiar, the accent was definitely Bawston, but the words I was hearing didn't compute: "HI I'm from Women for Obama and I'd like to talk to you." Uhm, WHAT?! Then the cobwebs cleared and I realized it was my very good friend BostonMaggie in the heart of northwest Virginia mountains and hilarity ensued.

Maggie is one of the coolest milbloggers evah. She holds the distinction of being one a few civilian, female, military bloggers who deployed on the USS Kersarge and racked with the Marines on a humanitarian mission to Central America a few years back. She also loves to rattle my cage at every opportunity. She succeeded last night at VFW Post 1860 in Front Royal VA where Cooking with the Troops fed about 40 hikers and friends who are "walking off the war" by through hiking the Appalachian Trail.

Read Maggie's account and consider helping Warrior Hike. Sean is doing good things for our guys. These young men and women are helping themselves and each other get through the effects of being downrange.


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