Sunday, March 10, 2013

Conservative icon blasts GOP as cowards

Conservative icon blasts GOP as cowards
Prior to the vote, House majority leader Eric Cantor threatened TEA-Party Republicans who had problems with the [Violence Aganist Women Act], warning them that if they blocked the Senate bill from coming to a vote it would cause a “civil war.”
And our representative, the Majority Leader of the House, is the biggest coward of them all. Hyperbole much, there Erica? Want to get re-elected? You like that cushy Majority Leader job? You better wake the eff up and start acting like an American with some stones and sense.

Guess what, Erica, violence against ANYONE is already illegal. It doesn't matter what color you are, whether you pee standing or sitting, whether you worship God or a tree, whether you prefer men or women, if someone attacks you, for any reason, that's assault and that is illegal in 57 states and most countries, unless they worship the Supreme Pedophile Modeadham, then they can stone, rape, torture, mutilate or murder anyone that doesn't worship the Supreme Pedophile Modeadham and it's called religious freedom and cultural heritage.

How does this bill protect women in non-muslim countries who are victims of the brutal, stone age customs practiced by the followers of the aforementioned Supreme Pedophile? Hmmm. What else can you do to someone after you have executed them for murdering a human being? All crimes against people are hate crimes when you cut away the bullshit and get to the heart of the matter.


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