Friday, March 15, 2013

Back From CPAC2013

Dont hate me, but my BFF SKK and I, in less than 2 hours, met former US Representative Allen West and gave him a challenge coin. Then we listened to 3 current US Representatives, Paul Broun from Georgia, Louie Gohmert from Texas and a spitfire from Alabama (ROLL TIDE!!!) named Martha Roby speak to us about the problems they encounter while trying to adhere to the Constitution and get the business of the country completed. I wouldn't have their jobs for twice the pay.

The setting was a meeting room, very intimate and open to feedback and catcalls when needed.

Rep Broun has a 4 question test he uses when looking at legislation:

  • 1) Is it Right/Moral?
  • 2) Is it Constitutional?
  • 3) Is it Necessary?
  • 4) Is it Affordable?

  • Rep Broun is a former Marine and current Naval Reserve and a veteran of OEF. He's a doctor, not a lawyer. He understands limited government. Most assuredly, he is one of us and he will be seeking the Senate seat currently held by Saxby Chambliss.

    I was most awestruck (and slightly smitten) by the Bamalama Spitfire, Rep Roby. (and I damn near swooned when she walked in and flashed me a smile)

    Let me tell you about this Lady; Representative Roby embodies the spirit of the Founders Original Intent. Her story should be taught to every civics class starting with the 6th grade. A newborn in her arms she's watching TV and it hits her that things in Washington DC are screwed up and nobody is trying to fix it. She decides to run for Congress and wins. (Careful what you wish for, you might get it)

    She understands the true role of government: make it easy for everyone to succeed and stay the hell out of our personal lives. She could teach Erica Cantor a thing or two about taking a stand. Watch this Lady. She's gonna piss some people off before this is over, which means she will be doing her job.

    Rep Gohmert embodies the Texas spirirt. He explained the budget process and how its easy to get caught up in the system. Deals are made; promises made; suggestions of future positions from the leadership; all this and more, if you'll just go along with us on this or that.

    "Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely"

    I managed to catch up with my buddy, Katie O'Malley and gave her a proper hug. Met a young former Navy SEAL named Ben Smith with the National 912 Project PAC. We'll be hearing more from this Warrior, too.

    Oh, and this Benghazi thing....stay tuned. Things are getting interesting.

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