Saturday, February 23, 2013

Virginia Judges Block Voter ID Advocate from Electoral Board

Unless and until voter fraud and abuse is corrected, conservatives can forget about getting elected to any office. Tell the screaming leftists to STFU and get a Voter ID law with some teeth and real ID requirements. Voter Registration Cards are issued to legal residents of voting age who have proven they are citizens of the United States. Last time I checked, you had to speak English to become a naturalized citizen. The first clue someone might not be a legal voting citizen is not being able to communicate in English. If they have to bring a translator in order to vote, they shouldn't be allowed to cast a vote.

Virginia Judges Block Voter ID Advocate from Electoral Board
Unfortunately, the righteous indignation of the Republican Party was too little and too late. The GOP must quickly learn that election administration issues are a blood sport to the left.  
Anyone who stands in their way is personally targeted and polarized. Until Republicans start fighting back just as hard, the left will keep bloodying those courageous Americans preserving the integrity of our electoral process. Until the GOP engages the fight at the outset and fiercely attacks the attackers, the administration of American elections will be dominated by the narrative of the left.


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