Monday, February 18, 2013

If Tesla Were Here Would He Be Laughing or Crying?

I only ask because someone named a car after him and the damn thing is a piece of junk. I had the heater/AC question in my head as soon as I heard the first reports. You need electric power for more than just rolling forward. You need windshield wipers, if it works in the rain, which remains to be seen BTW. You need headlights after dark. You absolutely need heat in the winter and A/C in the summer. In the internal combustion technology, all those functions are powered by an alternator, which is turned by the internal combustion engine, producing current, which powers your accessories and neccessities.

So why, if these guys are so smart with this electric car, did someone not think to hook up a small generator to the power train of the car? The car starts rolling, the generator starts generating, you have relays and modulators to control what goes where and how much, and you could even rig it to charge its own batteries as it was rolling. Its a perpetual motion machine.

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