Thursday, January 03, 2013

Two Americas: Gregory Not Charged, Iraq Vet Jailed

Whether its suspending a 6 year old for using his thumb and forefinger, assigning exceptions to certain elites while treating "regular" citizens as criminals, or ignoring rampant inner-city violence and drug gang activity, the agenda is to ban private-ownership of all guns. No American citizen will be allowed to have firearms of any kind. When this happens, America is finished. Wake up and smell whats being shoveled, America.

Two Americas: Gregory Not Charged, Iraq Vet Jailed
The terrible massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary has not only exposed the media's hypocrisies and biases with respect to gun control; it is also a revealing look at their priorities. There's no question Sandy Hook deserved every bit of media attention it received -- that's not my point. But what about the 532 homicides that occurred in Chicago last year?

There's little doubt most of those murders were committed with some sort of firearm, and that the victims were predominantly poor minorities. We also know that 2670 people were shot in Chicago last year.

Where's the media attention for the poor, powerless, predominantly non-white victims of all this gun violence? Where's the activism and outrage?

Well, there is none, because the media's not about afflicting the powerful or giving voice to voiceless or any of that jive. The media's really about protecting a powerful government, and should the media dig into Chicago's problems, that would mean taking on a story in which Republicans can't be targeted, nor can a lack of government largess or gun-control laws.

In other words, digging into the murder of 532 people means facing up to and publicizing the fact that when the Left's vision is fulfilled, it's not all that pretty.
But, hey, what's a few hundred dead black people when the price of doing something about it is as high as admitting you might be wrong about a few things?


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