Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Hagel Thesis

This is a twit for a twat setup.

Dear Leader wants John efFing sKerry, who served in Viet Nam, as SecState.
No one else wants it, but Dear Leader is running out of options for lapdogs who won't cave at the Benghazi investigation.

So Dear Leader has put Hagel the Hag out as SecDef nominee knowing there's anti-Israel pro-Iran baggage hanging around his neck like the proverbial albatross. The Senate will bargain and Hagel will be sacrificed in order to get sKerry in as SecState and the Benghazi 4 will fade into the dustbin of history as an asterick next to Dear Leaders record of Americans murdered on his watch.

The Hagel Thesis
...a Hagel nomination is also a test for Republicans. Does senatorial clubbiness trump the good of the country? Do former party ties trump the importance of having a sensible and mainstream secretary of defense over the next four years?

The Weekly Standard salutes the Republican senators who stood up against the prospect of U.N. ambassador Susan Rice as our next secretary of state. But let’s be clear: Chuck Hagel would do far more damage at Defense than Rice would have done at State. To have blocked Rice and then roll over for Hagel would be a disgrace. It would even give some credence to the thesis that Rice fell victim to a kind of sexism and certainly to old-boy-network-ism. So, if President Obama goes ahead and advances what we might call a Hagelian thesis, Republicans have an obligation to embrace their role as Obama’s antithesis, and to block him. The synthesis we’ll end up with—a mainstream liberal at the Pentagon—will still be problematic, but will better serve the nation that the older Hegel once called “the land of the future, where, in the ages that lie before us, the burden of the World’s History shall reveal itself.”


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