Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Paul Blart Could’ve Done Better in Benghazi | RedState

The people responsible for the murder of 4 Americans in the sands of North Africa need to pay for what they did not do to assist in the rescue of our consulate personnel. This is unconscionable, reprehensible, and just plain wrong. If the rumours are true, if this was deliberately arranged by Dear Leader to precipitate an exchange for the "Blind Shiek", it is also a treasonable offense. But don't hold your breath waiting for justice for Ty Woods or Glenn Doherty. In today's America, Dear Leader is a god among mere mortals and untouchable by the no balls so-called conservative leaders in Congress. You should all be ashamed to call yourselves Americans.

Paul Blart Could’ve Done Better in Benghazi | RedState
Well, it seems that mall security could have done a better job protecting our compound in Benghazi. According to Kerry Picket, who recently made her move to Breitbart News, “a source with personal knowledge of the security situation in Benghazi … were shocked to learn State Department security personnel agents were not immediately armed. Additionally, agents separated from Ambassador Chris Stevens left to retrieve their M4 weapons in a separate building. Only one returned to protect the Ambassador, while the other two hunkered down in the barracks, the source relayed.”

Congratulations to Freeper Paltz for an excellent career move. I'm sure this isn't the last we'll hear from Miss Picket.


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