Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Income Tax Payers Entitled To an AR-15! - The Last Resistance

Income Tax Payers Entitled To an AR-15! - The Last Resistance
If we the people limited gun ownership to those of us who pay for our federal governments operations, deficits, and debt through income taxes, and removed (albeit temporarily and by their own choice) the rights of individuals to own and bear arms who live off the tax payer, I would argue we would reduce gun related crimes, deaths, and costs significantly. 
As it is with most senseless gun violence, the overwhelming majority of gun related civilian and law enforcement deaths occur in U.S. cities. Not only is our gun violence emotionally devastating, but it also burdens our society with incalculable costs for enforcement, prosecution, and incarceration. If our national leaders desire to reduce gun violence in America we should first look at where it is epidemic and develop common sense regulations designed to reduce access to weapons by people who are perpetrating these acts in those areas. Right?

Almost immediately tens of millions of American owned guns would be removed from our inner cities under penalty of imprisonment and New York City Mayor Bloomberg and Senator Chuck Schumer could sleep better at night knowing fewer guns in their city means less crime. Heck let’s throw in a free laptop with every gun surrendered. That ought to make the Mayors on the bus happy. It sounds far-fetched but an idea like this would either shut up anti-gun advocates or serve as a foundation for solving our gun crime problem.


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