Sunday, December 16, 2012

Dhimmitude, Obama-Style

Dhimmitude, Obama-Style
The only religion for which liberals make excuses is the most illiberal one — Islam. While they interpret Christianity in the worst possible light — the Obama administration places Catholic and Evangelical opponents of gay marriage in the same moral category as racists — they cast Islam in the rosiest one. It is a“great religion,” pronounced Hillary Clinton last week, even as its adherents set fire to embassies and cheered the killing of U.S. diplomats and Navy Seals.

The more violence Islam produces, the more liberals insist it is“peaceful.” The cravenness would be comic were its implications not so serious. Last week self-styled Voltairean liberals, who normally gush about the glories of free speech, popped up on mindless morning shows to endorse the imprisonment of Islam’s critics. MSNBC pundit Mike Barnicle encouraged the Justice Department to round up Florida pastor Terry Jones as an “accessory” to crimes. Barnicle’s colleagues appeared untroubled by his fascistic suggestion. One even chimed in that “I was thinking the same thing.”


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