Tuesday, November 06, 2012


Unless a miracle happens.

 We are screwed. 

The Libertarian Party and Constitutional party have siphoned off enough votes to lose Virginia to Obama.

 I hope Virgil Goode and Gary Johnson and all of their voters are satisfied. 

That said, with the loss of Virginia, and the probable loss of Florida, Romney cannot win. 

We are screwed.  The country is in danger. 

 Its going to be 332-206 Obama. 

I predict that gold will rise.
I predict that the stock market will fall. 
I predict that REAL inflation will skyrocket. 
I predict that the gov't will lie about the inflation rate. 
I predict that our energy industry will begin to die. 
I predict that our electricity bills will skyrocket. 
I predict that Obama will betray our allies on missile defense. 
I predict that Obama will appoint at least two liberal judges. 
I predict that 2nd Amendment cases after that will fail. 
I predict that 1st Amendment freedoms will be restricted. 
I predict that ObamaCare will not be repealed, defunded, or in anyway, be stopped. 
I predict that health care in America will get worse.  
I predict that the recession will worsen. 
I predict that taxes will rise. 
I predict that America will continue its slide into mediocrity. 

Failure will be blamed on Republicans. And George Bush. 

Obama's policies will doom the economy. 

Maybe Americans ARE too stupid to see that the Emperor has no clothes.


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