Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Here’s Why Glenn Beck Says to Stop All Those Secession Petitions: ‘Are You Out of Your Mind?’

Here’s Why Glenn Beck Says to Stop All Those Secession Petitions: ‘Are You Out of Your Mind?’

Anyone who signs a petition to secede from the Union, on the White House website, with their real name and address, is in need of some serious psychiatric assistance. Get some help, people.
For the love of God, have you lost your mind?

Why don't you just put a sign in your front yard? Hang a banner. Put up some neon lights. Flashing neon.

"Hey y'all, this is where a stupid whacko who doesn't like the President lives. Please come and get me."

Y'all are gonna be the first ones to go. You're probably the same idiots who stayed home and helped keep this poser in power. STFU and STFD. We don't need your meddling. We don't need your problems. Stay home. Stay quiet. Keep your stupid opinions to yourself. 


You WANT the "Civilian Defense Force" in the streets? Keep this crap up and thats exactly what you'll have. ARMED government-empowered CIVILIANS with the authority to fire on citizens who "resist". And "resistance" will be defined by whoever the hell is in charge at that moment. You really want that? You WANT an armed radical New Black Panther Party member to decide you're "resisting"? An ARMED radical leftist asshat?

“This is exactly the kind of fuel the president will use to order measures to ‘protect’ the Republic. And he’ll have the Department of Homeland Security at his disposal to enforce them.”

Noting that President Obama signed his 141st executive order expanding the “partnership” between the Department of Homeland Security and local police, Beck said that when the federal government gets involved, local police almost always take a back seat. Moreover, reports of the Social Security Administration buying 174,000 hollow-point bullets suddenly become much more troubling.

“If the government begins arming itself against the citizens at the federal level, and say ‘by the way, we’re your new state police,’ that would indeed be the point in the course of human events where it becomes necessary to dissolve political bands,” Beck said, concluding with a passage from the Declaration of Independence.

But, Beck said, “secession is not an option,” and so it is up to you to contact your governor, find out what your kids are learning, and change the media. Because the next step isn’t going to be easy

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Blogger Paul said...

I've noticed some bloggers (Micheal Yon) post a link and a warning. The link

and the warning; Signing these dumb-ass petitions may be a reportable incident and can adversely effect your clearance

November 15, 2012 5:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bring on the meteors NOW!!!!!
Then let GOD sort it out.

November 16, 2012 4:57 PM  
Anonymous Padre Island OSB said...

This could be Heaven. You can imagine it now.
A roadmap for national renewal.
1.) End subsidies for biofuels. Biofuels raise food prices.
2.) End subsidies for the long haul trucking industry. One 16 wheeler does as much damage to the interstate highways as 10,000 cars!! That frieght should be shipped by rail. The decrease in long distance trucking jobs will be partialy offset by an increase in local trucking. That will lead to a decrease in prostitution!
3.) Abolish the Federal Reserve
4.) Term Limits for Congress and the Supreme court
5.) A 50 cent a gallon increase in the gasoline tax until gas costs the same in the USA as it does in France.
6.) Outlaw the manufacture of all POVs (a POV is a car) over 2500 lbs.
7.) Institute a progressive income tax
8.) Institute a progressive unearned income tax
9.) Institute a progressive inheritance tax.
10.) Eliminate limited liability for corprate board members and senior executives.
11.) Nationalize all casinos mot owned by Native American Tribes. Those are after all already nationalized.
12.) Nationalize the MIC. (That means Boeing ect.) allowing people
to financially benifit from thhe misery of war creates a conflict of interest with being a responsible citizen.
13.) Close all overseas military bases. We nned to keep our money at home.
14.)Bring back the custom of jury nullification.
15.) Prohibit weapon magazine size of more than six rounds. If you can not defend yourself with six rounds you do not need to be handling a firearm.

November 21, 2012 5:53 PM  
Anonymous Padre Bud Island OSB said...

Now if you want to actually make it past the pearly gates you need to aquire a certian number of merit points.
Here are things that you should do to aquire those merit points.
1.)! If you do not want to be a vegetarian, eat more Rabbits. that will protect you from the temptation of becoming a vegetaarian. It will also reduce your consumption of beef, pork, and fish.
2.) Learn to play Pasuer. Playing cards protects the enviroment better than almost any other activity.
3.) Sit on a bamboo chair while you are playing cards. After you are done playing cards you can think of thousands of other uses for bamboo.
4.) Plant Blueberries and Rassberries. We already had Johhny Hayseed now we need John Berry.
5.) Take a racist to dinner. We all know that one racist in America is more dangerous to our secdurity than 1000 Taliban in Afghanistan. But how can racist be reformed if they only eat dinner with other racists? Who will reform them if not you?
6.) Take a shower instead of a bath. But if you do take a bath in the winter time let the water stay in the tub until it is cold to help heat your house.
7.) Support KIVA. It is a four letter word for international progress.
8.)Do not under any circumstances buy Gold or Dimonds. Buy Saffron instead.
9.)Dry your cloths on the line
10.) This one is very important.
If you have the money to make a Pilgrimage do not go to Mecca. No go to Brunssum Netherlands and walk around the NATO Headquarters known as AFNORTH and view old Pomcus sites near by.

November 23, 2012 5:42 PM  

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