Thursday, October 04, 2012

These Are Obama's Gas Prices, This Is Obama's Fuel Shortage

The first words out of Governor Romney's mouth last night about the economy was to explain how we were going start fixing things by developing American energy, with American workers, for America.
Thats reason enough to vote for Mitt Romney.

These Are Obama's Gas Prices, This Is Obama's Fuel Shortage
Not only are these Barack Obama's gas prices, but this is also Barack Obama's fuel shortage.

Gov. Mitt Romney indicated as much in the first presidential debate, when he pointed out that Obama has allowed oil exploration to expand on some private lands, but has restricted expansion on federal land. In other words, Obama's decision to allow expanded exploration on private lands was a slight of hand designed to keep us from noticing his overall determination to end drilling for fossil fuels.

And we've seen Obama's determination play out in his rejection of the Keystone Pipeline, offshore drilling, and exploration in and around Alaska's Outer Continental Shelf. He even placed an unconstitutional moratorium on drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.

How long will gas lines in California have to get before the state comes into play for Romney?

After all, these are Obama's gas prices, and this is Obama's fuel shortage.


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