Thursday, October 11, 2012

RNC to DOJ: Investigate Obama Campaign Contributions

RNC to DOJ: Investigate Obama Campaign Contributions
For four years now, we've all wondered why a media so obsessed with things like Mitt Romney's tax returns (which the IRS have seen) and what private individuals do with their own money in the form of super PACs, is not at all curious about hundreds and hundreds of millions of undisclosed dollars that flooded and are flooding into Obama's '08 and '12 campaign coffers.
That was a joke.
We actually know precisely why the media's not interested -- they're worried that what they find might hurt Obama.
And now, with the release of a bombshell report that points to glaring and seemingly intentional security gaps in Obama's online fundraising juggernaut, the media looks like they might have good reason to worry. The report proves beyond any doubt that the potential for illegal overseas monies to flood into the Obama campaign and remain undisclosed thanks to a ridiculous (in the Internet age) $200 FEC cut-off, is almost limitless.


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