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Pro-Romney Student Bullied by Union Teacher, Gets No Support from Union

Union teachers thugs who are now being forced to intimidate high school students should demand a wage-hike. They can't be expected to teach AND intimidate students for the same pay. Besides, that's not really in their job description. Union teachers are only required to indoctrinate students into the marxist belief system and produce obediant little idiots. (A job they have been performing quite adequately based on the college students I see at OWS.) The intimidation process is performed by goons who have received special training in the proper use of baseball bats and lead pipes. (Although the pipes should be an alloy of steel and lead to avoid trouble with the EPA).

But we have this from Manchu at

"Some of you may have heard about the teenage girl who was belittled by a teacher and then classmates at a Philly School for having the temerity to wear a Romney for President t-shirt to class. I figure that's a problem for her parents, but now an active duty Marine was dropping his daughter off at the same school when BOTH of them began getting loud, raucous threats from students, some of whom yelled from windows, while teachers and staff watched with bemusement. The marine has asked me personally for a show of support from both clubs on this coming Tuseday, 9 October, 2012 at 1000hrs.

I realize that is a work day, but I will come in at midnight to leave work at 0830hrs, so I can be there. I implore any of you who are on night work, have the day off, are retired, etc to come ride with me to send a message that UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES will we stand by idly as a combat veteran and his daughter are threatened with violence. I simply have had enough of these mother fockers who believe it is okay to belittle members of the US Armed Forces. Thanks much and I hope to see many of you there. Please pass the word to our brothers who may be technically challenged because this one is important. LRB. Manchu"

Rally at:
Charles Carroll High School
2700 E. Auburn St.
Philadelphia PA 19134
1000hrs SHARP. 
Pro-Romney Student Bullied by Union Teacher, Gets No Support from Union
The government sector unions that have funneled millions of dollars this election cycle to left leaning groups and candidates, have “no plans” to help a pro-Mitt Romney student who says she was victimized by a union member teacher for her political views and now fears for her life. Samantha Pawlucy, a sophmore at Charles Carroll High School in Philadelphia, told local media outlets her geometry teacher, Lynette Gaymon, tried to throw her out of class for wearing a Romney/Ryan t-shirt and demanded Pawlucy take it off and now she is afraid to return to school for fear of being attacked.

The sixteen year old said the teacher compared the shirt to a KKK shirt and informed the girl Carroll was a "democratic" school. Students joined in the fray and sided with the teacher. Pawlucy told the Philadelphia Inquirer students are threatening to attack her when she returns to school. Her parents were also harassed and threatened when they went to the school on Friday to file a formal complaint. Friends of the family told that students yelled at the couple, “‘to tell the ‘bitch’ [their daughter Samantha] this school is for democrats.” 
They aren’t joking. Philadelphia is often referred to as “The People’s Republic” because the city and its failing school district have been ruled over by a one party Democratic dynasty since the early 1950’s. The Philadelphia Federation of Teacher’s (PFT) represents every teacher in the district (Pennsylvania is a compulsory union state where teachers must pay union dues whether they want to join or not), where Carroll high school resides. That union and its parent organizations, the state level Pennsylvania Federation of Teachers and national American Federation of Teacher (AFT) AFL-CIO, have funneled over $5.8 million dollars to almost exclusively Democratic controlled PACs, parties, candidates and outside spending groups.

So it should come as a surprise to absolutely no one that the Philadelphia Federation of Teacher’s (PFT) told they have “no plans” to launch a formal investigation of Gaymon and no clue what they would do to even reprimand her. Communication Director, George Jackson says he will “ask around” to see if the union even has disiplinary measures they might take against their teachers who harrass, bully and humiliate students.
PFT’s parent organization, The American Federation of Teachers (AFL-CIO), told they have no plans to investigate or advocate for Pawlucy either (point of irony: on the AFT website it says they would got to “hell and back for the kids”, but apparently, not to Philadelphia). Representatives from both unions were flummoxed when asked by this columnist how the Pawlucy’s could have disciplinary action taken against the teacher. “Well, if I were a parent I guess I would write a letter to the school district,” said AFT rep Tom Landford (who refused to spell or confirm his name for after the receptionist first identified him). Splendid! We’ll recommend the Pawlucys get right on that after they have finished penning a note to the Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus.

The organizations that will mobilize thousands of its people to demand increases to their already generous and taxpayer funded salaries and benefits packages and move with marksman like precision and speed when filing grievances on behalf of their members are surprisingly immobile and incapable of helping a student who was bullied and harassed by one of their own.
The Philly union rep told that he was unaware of a formal grievance process for students after we asked the steps that would need to be taken to file one against the teacher. The national group said (and I am not making this up) that students couldn’t file a grievance because they did not have a contract. It looks like someone needs to organize the students to protect them from the government sector union members. Teenaged Norma Rae, anyone?


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