Friday, August 24, 2012

He Paid More Than Me

The current anti-Romney commercial from the opposition claims Romney paid less in taxes than you did. Thats patently false, and they count on you just hearing the words: "He only paid 14% in taxes, probably less than you." That is the only part of this piece of video garbage they got correct; the rest is pure Bravo Sierra and we're going to call them on it.

According to the video garbage released by Obama's campaign, Mitt Romney paid 14% on 20 million dollars. Thats a 2.8 million dollar tax obligation. How many of you paid 2.8 million dollars in taxes? Did Queen Nancy or Prince Harry pay that much in taxes? How about Tim Giethner or Hizzoner Rahmbo of Chitown?

I bet Dear Leader hasn't paid that much in taxes. You know why? He's never created wealth the way Romney has. Thats the part that the marxists/socialists/dhimmis hate the most. They are incapable of creating that level of wealth by their own devices, which is primarily hyperbole, so they beat us over the head with a bunch of twisted half-truths about the ones who did create wealth on their own.

As a percentage of taxable income, Romney paid a lower rate than we pay on earned income. But that's a topic for another discussion once we have taken back control of our country from the claws of the unions and socialists and marxists hell-bent on destroying the means for anyone to create wealth anywhere.

The norm will be equal misery under the boot of an oppressive governemnt. Everyone will be equally poor. Everyone will be the same. Except for the ones who started it. They'll be living the life of luxury, cause they deserve it cause they are so much better and smarter than all of us.

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