Monday, August 06, 2012

From Scott Taylor via email

I confess that I forgot. Thank you Sir, for the gentle reminder.

Scott Taylor
The largest loss of life in Naval Special Warfare History
A Year Later
Dear Friend,
One year ago today, I sat at 6:30AM on the end of a dock in Maine, drinking my coffee and reading the paper on my Ipad. The news of a helicopter crash glaring out at me, I just knew. Then, making two of the worst phone calls of my life, one to the wife of someone closer to me than family, the other to another friend just as close, I received and passed on the most devastating news I had ever heard.

Some of their deepest joys of life ahead of them back home, the 30 warriors never thought twice about stepping on that helicopter to help those soldiers on the ground in need. We should never forget our heroic origins as Americans nor those, as these men, who continued to uphold that legacy. Let us continue to stand for the ideas by which they lived and died.
Long Live The Brotherhood.


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