Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Romney Should Tell the Bain Story

Romney Should Tell the Bain Story
Romney needs to get above all this and reset the narrative. Every debate comes down to a 30-second position and a 5-minute position. The person who can explain their position in 30 seconds will always beat the person who needs 5 minutes. Romney is in danger of going into the fall with a 5 minute position as it relates to his wealth and Bain Capital.
Obama is basing his campaign on an out-right assault against free enterprise. In recent days, he has argued that those who are successful in business are "lucky" or their success was dependent on government building "roads and bridges" or providing other support. 
His lack of understanding of the private sector or investment, risk, and profit are mind-boggling. He is using this rhetoric and his attacks on Bain to shift the public's understanding of markets and the economy in a very radical way. He is stoking the embers of class resentment to cast the wealthy, at least those who aren't his donors, as an object of contempt. To secure reelection, he is willing to burn down ideals our country has held since its founding.


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