Thursday, July 19, 2012

2008 Media Playbook Returns: Criticism of Obama Racist, 'Dangerous'

Free speech, especially political speech, seems to be taking some hits lately. This is not the proper response for a debate point. They cannot defend the indefensible, so they demonize the debater.

2008 Media Playbook Returns: Criticism of Obama Racist, 'Dangerous'
By screaming racism (which is what "birther" really means) and claiming perfectly valid criticism of Obama is "dangerous," this is how the media protects Obama from effective criticism and spins that criticism around into an attack against Republicans.
In 2008, using this partisan tactic, the media was able to intimidate and cow John McCain into submission. In fact, when Sarah Palin started hitting Obama for his relationship with domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, out of whole cloth the media made up the charge that someone at a Palin rally screamed, "Kill him!," in reference to Obama.
You see, this is how the corrupt media attempts to snuff out criticism Obama can't weather. If they can't call the criticism racist they call it dangerous. And if they have to, the media will simply create a narrative based on what they know is a lie.
The corrupt media refuses to vet Obama, because they know that if they did, he would lose. This means that they must also stop Republicans from discussing Obama's past by any means necessary. And this includes bullying Obama's critics by declaring their criticism "racist" and "dangerous."
Hopefully, Mitt Romney learned a thing or two watching what happened to McCain and will keep on keeping on.


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