Friday, June 22, 2012

Target: Syrian WMD | Washington Free Beacon

Target: Syrian WMD | Washington Free Beacon

Will the Israelis do what they they do best: deal with the problem? Damascus plays a central part in Biblical and End TImes prophesy.
Recent statements by senior Israeli military officials prompted U.S. concerns over an Israeli strike on Syria.

Senior officials in Israel told the newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth that if Syria’s army gave chemical weapons to Hezbollah or other terrorists an Israeli attack would be needed.

The newspaper reported May 31 that Israel failed to prevent Syria’s transfer of M-600 rockets to Hezbollah and the weapons can now threaten central Israel. One military source was quoted as saying that mistake would not be repeated.

Israeli Maj. Gen. Yair Golan, commander of forces deployed on the Syrian and Lebanese front, was quoted in press reports expressing concerns about Syria being used as “a warehouse for war materiel that feeds terrorist elements in the region.”

Golan also said there were reports that al Qaeda terrorists are working against the regime in Damascus and those terrorists eventually would target Israel, perhaps in the coming months.


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