Saturday, June 30, 2012

Some New Laws Take Effect Tomorrow

The last one is a BFD and it needs to pass. This is how citizens protect themeselves and not rely on elected politicians who may or may not have an agenda, to do it for them. Its called taking responsibility for your own life. Its called "citizenship".

The Kelo Decision was nothing more than Grand Theft-Property by a government entity and SCOTUS screwed the pooch on that decision, just as they screwed the pooch on the Bambi-Care decision. Well, we can't fix Kelo, but we can restrict the government that supposedly serves the citizens from doing it again. (We CAN and WILL fix Bambi-Care in November).

ICYMI, the land at the center of the Kelo decision is now sitting vacant. Its a VACANT LOT!!!!!

Via email blast from Sen Mark Obenshain this morning:
Gun Rights
  • The one handgun a month restriction has been lifted, with Virginia joining forty-eight other states in not placing arbitrary time limits between gun purchases (SB 323)
  • The handful of localities which still fingerprint those who purchase firearms (data state government does not use) are no longer permitted to do so (SB 67)
  • Clerks of Court may now issue concealed handgun permits by mail, and may not request any information from an applicant that is not contained on the concealed handgun permit form (SB 563)
Other Legislation
  • Voters will now be required to show some form of identification at the polls, and if unable to do so, must vote provisionally (SB 1 - Senator Martin and I were chief co-patrons)
  • A cause of action may now be brought for wrongful acts leading to the death of an unborn child (SB 674)
  • Abortion clinics must now offer a woman the opportunity to view an ultrasound image, which she may accept or decline (HB 462)
  • A law is now on the books specifically prohibiting law enforcement or any other agents of the Commonwealth from participating in any indefinite detention action pursued by the federal government (HB 1160)
  • Although it's not in effect yet, it's worth noting that the Virginia Property Rights Amendment will be on the ballot in November; this eminent domain reform amendment will ensure that no property is taken for economic development purposes, and that in legitimate takings, owners truly receive just compensation (SJ 3 - my resolution)


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Anybody want their country back?

July 02, 2012 4:02 PM  

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