Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Jeb Bush Backs Off Republicans 'Hyperpartisan' Remark

IOW, what he wants is for us to "moderate" our principles when dealing with the left/liberal/democrat/dhimmicrat and not expect the same from them.

The problem is, the left/liberal/democrat/dhimmicrat crowd have gotten more and more radical and are moving ever closer to destroying the greatest experiment in freedom and liberty ever conducted. The extreme elements of the left want total government control of every facet of society and we cannot allow that to occur.

Jeb Bush Backs Off Republicans 'Hyperpartisan' Remark
This, in short, is why Jeb Bush was never a beloved candidate of the Republican base – he participates in the same “civility” nonsense that the rest of the mainstream DC actors do. He seems to think that strenuous political criticism harms the political discourse rather than being precisely what the founding fathers intended. He thinks all politics should be steak dinners and wine while discussing vagaries of health care policy. Bipartisanship isn’t the point of politics. Protecting constitutional values is.


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