Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Soledad O'Brien's Fake Navy Seal

Soledad O'Brien's Fake Navy Seal
CNN's Soledad O'Brien appears to have been one of the many who not only accepted, but promoted Brian Leonard Creekmur's fake credentials as a Navy SEAL, according to an investigation by WTKR News Channel 3, the local CBS affiliate in the Hampton Roads metro area in Virginia.
He should now be required to undertake the training for the position he claims he holds. Run him til he drops from exhaustion, tie a rope around his ankles and drag him the rest of the way.

Or better yet, re-activate the person he impersonated, making him legally obligated to return to duty, and then send his ass to Yemen on a mission. Alone.

Hey, he's a Navy SEAL. He can handle it.

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