Saturday, May 05, 2012

New Mailer From Young Guns Network Backs Lugar, Touts Ethanol

New Mailer From Young Guns Network Backs Lugar, Touts Ethanol

Are you stupid, Mr Cantor? Is it time for you to consider another line of work?

Eric Cantor needs to re-think his positions on what is and isn't good for American families. Ethanol, if it comes from something other than our food source, is good, as long as you know that it will eventually destroy all the rubber and neoprene gasket material in your vehicles fuel delivery system.

Supporting the re-election of someone who does not have the support of the people is just stupid.  Lugar's time has passed. New people are needed. Mourdock has the backing of the grassroots conservative movement in Indiana. Cantor needs to get with the conservative grassroots program and leave the "Old-Boy" network of establishment politicians.
The Young Guns (YG) Network, linked to House Majority leader Eric Cantor, has dropped another mailer in Indiana in support of 36-year incumbent, 80-year-old Senator Richard Lugar, currently down by ten points against Tea Party-backed Richard Mourdock, according to a recent poll.

As with a previous mail drop, this one appears to be appealing to Democrats by pointing out the open nature of the Indiana GOP primary, while encouraging everyone to vote on May 8th.

The piece touts Lugar's strong support for ethanol, which inflates gas prices, while being popular in farming states. It also cites Lugar's environmental stewardship and calls Mourdock "extreme." A copy of the mail item below.

The mailer is paid for by the Energy and Policy Network, an ideas group of the YG Network, as was a previous mailer Breitbart News reported on here.


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