Tuesday, May 29, 2012

CNN Contributor Erickson and Family Targeted in Latest 'SWATing' Attack

This is how communist/totalitarian regimes control the masses. They control the flow of information by intimidating the ones disseminating it. If intimidation doesn't work, the next step is physical violence. When espousing conservative values becomes a justification for physical attacks, and nothing is done about it, we have lost America.

CNN Contributor Erickson and Family Targeted in Latest 'SWATing' Attack
This is the first part of a two part post. What was done to Erick is most assurdely illegal; it created a condition and situation where LEO's were forced to respond to a fake 911 call and removed these LEO's from answering a real 911 call which could have resulted in unneccessary injury had they been available. The only reason this was done to Erick is because he is a conservative and writes and says what the conservative segment of America wants to hear.

Obama's Justice Department Could Stop 'SWATting'
The high-tech Brownshirts on the left have now “SWATted” Eric Erickson. Two things are certain. First, the United States Department of Justice could stop this behavior quickly because it almost certainly constitutes a federal crime. And second, the use of term “Brownshirt” to describe this swatting gang has not been used more appropriately since the Strumabteilung made their debut in 1921.
It is almost certain that the people engaging in swatting are violating federal law. Consider 18 U.S.C. 241.
If two or more persons conspire to injure, oppress, threaten, or intimidate any person in any State, Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District in the free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege secured to him by the Constitution or laws of the United States, or because of his having so exercised the same; They shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both.
The only reason Erickson and the others were attacked was because of their exercise of First Amendment rights. The only reason they were targeted is because of their conservative political speech, speech with which the swatters disagreed.


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