Friday, April 06, 2012

Wes Pruden On Being Clever

The question we should be asking is what prompted Dear Leader to even speak about it in a context which suggests he had knowledge of the outcome. Of course, there's always the Spider and the Fly scenario discussed in a previous post shamelessly purloined from the WashTimes via our good friend Kerry Pickett. (Freepers Rule).

When Clever Only Looks Like Dumb

The court would take an “unprecedented, extraordinary step” if it overturns his health-care scheme because it was enacted by “a strong majority of a democratically elected Congress,” the President declared. Obamacare actually cleared the House by only seven votes, 219 to 212, and on their face the president’s remarks betray an astonishing ignorance of the Constitution and how the republic works.

But Barack Obama is neither dumb nor ignorant. The man praised as the greatest orator since Demosthenes celebrated hope and change in ancient Greece knows better than to bandy words foolishly. So why would he say something so foolish and dumb?

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