Monday, April 23, 2012

USAID training foreign workers for English-speaking jobs

USAID training foreign workers for English-speaking jobs

and this is a good idea because.......???
American unemployment is at record levels and these assclowns are training foreigners to work? Really????

Who loves ya Baby? Not Obama.
“Using Americans’ hard-earned taxpayer dollars to fund the training of foreign nationals to take our jobs is absolutely crazy and totally unacceptable,” Jones said in a statement. “Uncle Sam is over $15 trillion in debt and unemployment is still elevated because of policies like this, and it’s got to stop.”

The pair pledged in their letter to “use every legislative option available to permanently prohibit USAID from engaging in such practices in the future.”

“I support the international development mission of USAID but my top priority is protecting American jobs and American taxpayers,” Bishop concluded. “I anticipate working closely with USAID in a bipartisan manner to ensure that none of its programs overseas will hurt workers here at home.”
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