Sunday, April 29, 2012

Response From RPV Chairman To McAwfullest/Dear Leader Fundraiser

"It's fitting that Barack Obama would have a fundraiser with Terry McAuliffe. Terry is a self-proclaimed salesman, but it's going to take more than a great salesman to make Virginia buy another four years of Obama, or another dose of Tim Kaine. Between 8 percent national unemployment, billion-dollar tax hikes, Solyndra, and $4 gas, Virginians aren't buying what Terry, Tim, Bill, and Barack are selling.

While it hasn't been announced publicly, I wouldn't be surprised to see Tim Kaine show up tonight as well. President Obama is doing his best to get his own personal U.S. Senator elected, and Tim Kaine has made it clear he'll stand with Barack Obama, even if the President's positions are contrary to what is in Virginia's best interests.

Each of these Democrats offer the same failed vision of the future - bigger, more intrusive government, higher taxes, and and more expensive, less abundant energy. Government as the solution to all problems, while freedom is slowly but surely eroded away. Virginians deserve better - and will vote for better in November.
With Terry hosting this event tonight, it is clear he fully embraces the extreme agenda of Barack Obama and his liberal policies that are hurting Virginia. What a way for Terry to kick off his 2013 campaign than with his political soul mates - Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, and Tim Kaine."

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