Saturday, April 07, 2012

Obama Shows Distaste for Gas Industry

Obama shows distaste for gas industry -
We now all know that Barack Obama, caught on camera and an open mic, has been furtive when speaking with the Russians about his future intentions. But, to the contrary, he’s been crystal clear about his feelings toward America’s oil and gas industry: He abhors it. That much was made plain during a recent Rose Garden event. In a smearing speech, the president hurled epithets like “outrageous” and “inexcusable” at top energy firms, vilifying their tax subsidies as “giveaways.” That’s tough and hypocritical talk from a man whose penchant for giveaways handsomely favors so many others.

I can’t recall Ronald Reagan ever expressing such transparent distaste for the “Evil Empire” as Obama dished out for the hardworking boys in Houston, Tulsa, Denver and other haunts of our homeland’s energy industries. If I were them, I would be raising all the independent-expenditure cash I could muster to send this president packing. He’ll try to take down everyone in the oil patch if he gets a second chance. 
I’d also like to make all those Obama fanboys cry, the insipid sycophants stationed strategically behind the president during his Rose Garden diatribe, preening for the camera and bobbing their heads in support of every applause line, smirking and frowning in disgust for the TV audience at every mention of Big Oil’s profits and the tax breaks granted to Exxon-Mobil and the rest..


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