Tuesday, April 10, 2012

LCol Allen West (Plus Some Light Reading)

The Patriots News

Obama’s Quest To Consolidate Federal Power
Theories abound as to the motives and significance of Barack Obama’s April 2, 2012 tirade against the United States Supreme Court. Perhaps the most plausible, given the timing of the events, is that one of the “justices” sympathetic to the Obama regime leaked word that the Court had struck down Obamacare in large part, or in full. In response, Obama could be attempting to publicly stay ahead of the court, since its decision will not be officially announced until June.

‘Article II or Bust - Does the Constitution Matter or Not?’
The entire civilized world knows that Barack Hussein Obama is the most anti-American resident in the history of White House residents, so much so, that people all over the globe watch in disbelief as the American people fail to confront the most glaring modern threat to freedom and liberty, as they focus only upon their insignificant individual agendas.

“Social Issues” From A Truly Conservative Perspective
With Republican candidate Rick Santorum’s meteoric rise of recent weeks, the media has predictably gone into full attack mode against him. The new controversy of the day, repeated incessantly by the network anchors, is anything related to “social issues.” And even a casual association with them will be the “kiss of death” to aspiring contenders. Or so we are told.

Go Ahead, TAX Yourself Again, Stupid!
How did political lefties become totally ignorant on even grade school level economics? Not a single Democrat could pass a basic economics class today and not too many Republicans could pass either.

’ Why did Russia and the West reverse roles?’
Russia, the West and persecuted Christians - There is evidence that Russia is, for whatever motive, interested in protecting Christians. One article in Interfax(1) bears the title “Putin vows Russia will defend persecuted Christians abroad.”

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