Thursday, April 12, 2012

Its Time To Stand Up To The Anti-Cross Athiests

I am so sick of these people imposing their beliefs through civil litigation I don't know what to do.
For the love of Pete people, do we threaten to sue you because you DON'T have a cross? I don't care that you don't believe. I don't care what you believe. As long as you keep it to yourself we will have no problem. But imposing your beliefs and retricting the free expression of the beliefs of others through civil litigation is just trashy and classless and its time someone told these losers to take the train. They are no better than the cultists from Westboro Baa'thist Coven.

Once again, a group of miserable non-believing losers are whining and mewling about a cross in California. This cross was erected by Marines; for Marines and families and whomever needs the comfort it brings.

The Commandant of the Marine Corps is expected to issue something shortly. If he's half the Marine he needs to be in order to fill that command, he's enough of a Marine to tell these miserable losers to go pound sand.

See you in court, Pally.
Bring a lunch, Lucille.
Buckle up, Buttercup.

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