Sunday, April 15, 2012

GOP Rep. Upton says Obama policies making gas prices ‘even worse’ - The Hill's Video

GOP Rep. Upton says Obama policies making gas prices ‘even worse’ - The Hill's Video

I should change the title to read "Kathy Upton's Dad...." If you haven't been in a cave or a monastary in the past 6 months, you know who Kathy Upton is. That fact aside, Rep Upton delivered the GOP response to the Saturday radio show starring Dear Leader.

This is a comment left by a reader on The Hill's site in response to all the trolls. I warned him about making sense and using facts in a debate with liberals. Its not fair to use intelligence and logic against liberals; it places them at a distinct disadvantage.
Funny thing, when Bush was in office, the liberal sheep were programmed to frantically bleat that the president had 100% personal control of gas prices! Why, he was raising them at his personal whim! He could just wave his hand in the air and they would go up!

Left wing hypocrisy knows no bounds.

Funny thing is, the liberal sheep never did issue the thousands of apologies they owe for their hateful vitriolic rhetoric when Bush opened up domestic drilling which resulted in significantly reduced prices.
The reality:

Gas prices are currently being driven by:

1. The devaluation of the US Dollar by the administration. The wanton printing of money to cover the irresponsible explosion in liberal spending by the dim-o-crits is causing inflation. We are already seeing it's effect in energy and food prices, and we are beginning to see it appear across the board. In this case, the damage has been done, get used to it. (we told you so, but you wouldn't listen.

2. Speculation based on the threat of likely supply disruptions. (This is not the fault of the speculators themselves, this is the market reality in which they function.) This is being made worse by two things:

A. The administrations choking off of domestic supply sources. Blocking domestic drilling and pipelines. This increases our dependance are far more volatile sources of crude oil.

B. The administration's ham handed handling of the Iranians. If you think oil prices surge when the Iranians rattle a sabre now, just wait until they have nuclear weapons! BTW, this is not just a problem for Israel, the Iranians already have existing delivery systems that can deliver a nuclear payload anywhere in Europe, and are a tweak away from being able to deliver one anywhere in the world. Including the US. They can already orbit a 100lb + satellite, all that is needed for a North America capable nuclear armed ICBM is a little extra fuel or a reasonably compact warhead.

C. The administrations general destabilizing of the regioin by encouraging radical islamic takeovers in previously peaceful countries. (Lybia, Egypt, and now Syria.
Note: While I don't know if this is something where one would want to claim "credit", obama has kept us safe from the effects of increased demand that would result from an improving economy...

3. "Environmental" regulation. While pervasive at every point in the supply chain, this is particularly onerous now with the requirement for over fifty varieties of special boutique blends of gasoline by region, and the requirement for ethanol. (called gas-a-hol, back when Carter did it.) As a bonus, the ethanol requirement reduces gas mileage.


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