Thursday, March 29, 2012

Trayvon 'Tribute' Video: 'F*** Protesting...Start a Riot'

Trayvon 'Tribute' Video: 'F*** Protesting...Start a Riot'

I had to alter the title slightly in order to make it less vulgar than it really is. This is the left, folks. This is the "civil discourse" they all wanted so desperately after that lunatic in Arizona shot a sitting US Representative. This is the face and philosophy of the leftwing Democrat Party. This is Dear Leader's America.
As the violent rhetoric and mob mentality heats up, the President, who only fueled those flames, remains AWOL in his primary duty which is to call for calm and due process.
But we all know that what's happening right now in Florida is all part of Obama's "community organizing" for 2012 in a crucial swing state. Keep the people divided and the base ginned up, angry, boiling over, and ready to vote.


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