Saturday, March 17, 2012

Tell Me Again What Our Mission Goals Are

In Afghanistan. Why are we there? Still? After 11 years? Anyone have an answer? I don't. We aren't going to convert the Taliban to God fearing protestants. We aren't going to change 2,000 years of twisted, perverted beliefs. We will not convince them that killing innocents who don't hold their beliefs is a crime against our God because in their mind, we have no God. We are infidels; dogs who must be eliminated at any cost.

So what's the point, at this point, of trying? We're not going to kill them all. Not the way the civilian government and the current administration is doing things. Hell, we can't even kill the ones we know are dangerous. We can't even allow our Marines to have weapons when visiting civilian officials arrive at a base. (On that subject: Suppose the Taliban learned that there were unarmed Marines inside the compound and decided to mount a mass susicide attack?) We can't trust the ones we've spent years training not to shoot the trainers. The civilian authorities can't trust our own Marines not to shoot them. So you tell me. When do we say, "Screw it. This is it. We've done all we can and you people are on your own. Goodbye Good Luck AMF Have a nice day."

I just can't can't justify in my mind the continued loss of American blood for a country that won't embrace progress or appreciates the sacrifices being made every day.

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