Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Petroleum producers plan presidential protest

Petroleum producers plan presidential protest
CUSHING, Okla. -- The President is scheduled to speak in Payne County this Thursday morning. It may be rural Oklahoma, but when it comes to pipelines, it's the Capitol. The President is expected to talk about energy, though many in that industry are not impressed. They are even planning to protest his visit, calling it a political ploy more than a genuine interest.
Mike Cantrell with the Domestic Energy Producers Alliance says, "For the last three years he's been anti-fossil fuels."Mickey Thompson, an energy industry expert and political analyst, says, "He calls our industry an industry of the past and they'd like us to go away."
The President is expected to mention his support for a pipeline running from Payne County to the gulf; it's the southern end of the “Keystone XL Pipeline.”
Industry experts say while his support for the southern end is welcome, it's not needed.

Oklahoma Shout-Out
A presidential stunt to make the uniformed think he gives a furry rat's butt about the price of gas at the pump. Hope those pipeline workers have their stuff wired tight for the protest. Secret Service will be all over the place.

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