Friday, March 16, 2012

Karzai Wants Us Gone; Let's Get Gone

Karzai says he wants all troops pulled back from the COPs and FOBs. Wants them to stay inside the wire and not interact with the Afghani population in the rural areas.

Well hell yeah, Baby. By all means, lets give Karzai what he wants. But I think we should go a step further and bring all US military personnel, all the diplomats, all the contractors and all the spooks all the way home. Load the aircraft with personnel. Leave the hardware to rust in the sand. Disable anything that could be used against departing aircraft. Fly CAPs over the base while loading the aircraft and if one of those savages tries to take down the aircraft, bomb the living crap out of them.

We are just now hearing that 7 Marines have been killed by Afghani soldiers. Did you see that in any media outlet? Had you heard that before today? The people we are helping, the men we are training supposedly to protect their own country, are killing US military personnel while they are on duty. When you can't trust the people you have trained, its time to didi the flock out.

Lets get down to where the rubber meets the road: No Afghani is worth the life of one Marine, one soldier, one sailor, or one airman. Not one, not ten, not a hundred. They are ungrateful savages who don't care one furry rat testicle about our military. Screw them and the goat they hump.

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