Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Its Too Soon To Lower Prices At The Pump

Related article from Heritage Foundation's The Foundry
The Senate on Tuesday blocked an amendment to pending transportation legislation that would have mandated a huge expansion of offshore oil-and-gas leasing, opened the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to drilling and approved construction of the Keystone XL oil sands pipeline.
Sen. Pat Roberts’s (R-Kan.) amendment, which failed 41-57, would have also extended several energy efficiency and renewable fuels tax incentives and extend a pay freeze for federal workers, among other provisions.
“My amendment addresses the rising cost of gasoline,” said Roberts in support of his amendment prior to the vote. “It cuts red tape, opens up more federal land for oil-and-gas exploration and drilling, it would approve the Keystone XL pipeline and extend renewable tax provisions.”

H/T ConservativeByte

It needs to be done closer to October, so we don't get to comfortable between now and November. My goodness, what would happen if Americans had inexpensive gasoline through the whole summer. They might have the means to actually travel around and gather with friends and discuss issues and, "GASP Heaven forfend", actually drive cars to DC to demonstrate their displeasure with the current administration.

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