Saturday, March 31, 2012

Deceptive DNC Ad Smears Romney; CNN Plays Along

Deceptive DNC Ad Smears Romney; CNN Plays Along

OK, you have to watch the video, (I know, I know its Begala and Blitzer and I'm sorry) but you really need to watch it all the way through. Its called research. Its called getting as much information as you can so you're able to make informed decisions. I do it all the time in my job and get paid pretty well for the effort. (If you think its easy reading ASTM Standards written by government employees, think again. They are paid to make the simple complicated and to use 10 pages to explain what could be explained in 3 paragraphs.)

Look, we're not endorsing Romney. My guy was Herman Cain. But it should be obvious to everyone that Romney is going to be the Republican nominee and we need to get rid of the current occupier in the White House. So rather than make a big deal of why Romney shouldn't be elected, start thinking about why Obama shouldn't be re-elected. Its not that difficult.


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