Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Combat Veterans For Congress

Maybe I'm biased towards people who have been tested under fire. Maybe its because I know a lot of veterans. Maybe its just an attitude/philosophy that favors the moral and civic ideals that the uniform represents. Then again, its probably just that I know a few of them personally.

I do know that veterans, especially the current crop of candidates, have the fortitude and conviction of their beliefs that will serve them, and by extension, us, the United States, in the House and the Senate.

From David Bellavia who is running for the newly minted NY-27 in upstate New York, to Pete Hegseth who is seeking the Republican Senate seat in Minnesota, I know in my heart that these men can and will do the job America needs to be done. I know this, because I know them.

I know times are tight. I know we're all struggling to buy gasoline, get to work; hell some of you are still trying to get a job; and I know its a bad time to be asking for anything that will not result in instant gratification. But we need to look long term. You need to know there are people out there from whom we will get a return on the investment.

America needs these men and women again and they have stepped up once again to serve their country. Neither of these men owes us or the country a damn thing. They have both paid their dues and then some. They have both been tested in the best (or worst, depending on your perspective) way possible. In combat, under fire.

Give them a look. Read House to House. Check 'em out. Then send them whatever you can afford.

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