Friday, March 23, 2012

Attendees Handpicked From Campiagn HQ

Obama: We Don‘t Have Enough Pipeline to Transport All the Oil We’re Producing

Refineries are shutting down because there isn't enough crude being produced to justify keeping them open.

Before a crowd in Cushing, OK, President Obama highlighted (lied about) his energy policy and touted his administration’s “approval” for a section of the Keystone XL pipeline that will connect oil fields in that state with refineries in the Gulf of Mexico, CSPAN reports.

The word “approval” is in quotation marks because, as critics point out, the president plays no role in the construction of the new pipeline. It doesn’t matter if he “approves” or not. Let us explain.

“President Obama claiming credit for speeding up the Keystone pipeline is like Al Gore saying he invented the Internet,” said Rep. John Sullivan (R-OK). “It is claiming credit where credit isn’t due.”

Sullivan explains the president only has the authority to block lines that run internationally. Therefore, because it doesn’t cross international borders, the so-called Cushing pipeline doesn’t require the president’s approval. In fact, as Sullivan notes, President Obama personally lobbied Congress to vote against the pipeline.

Now he’s taking credit?

I can't even begin to explain how this staged performance/campaign event mirrors the tactics used for centuries by despots and dictators. They think that if you keep saying something long enough, everyone will believe it. A truly humble and respectful individual would be embarassed to even appear in public after telling the lies that were told in this single appearence.

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